Kazakhstan remote wilderness adventure: 3rd to the 18th July 2019

This incredible 16 day adventure will take you through the heart of the celestial alpine and mountain region of the Tien Shan. Trekking through some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet including river crossings on horse back and lunch spots in alpine meadows, we then navigate through the boarder and cross into Kyrgyzstan on onto one of the longest glaciers in the world, where we trek on the glacier and sleep in fixed camps. 

After the trekking phase we are picked up by helicopter and flown to the next phase which is to climb Karly Tau peak (5,450m.) Sleeping on the glacier we spend 2 days ascending with crampons, harness, helmet, ice-axe and jumar on fixed ropes until we reach the summit, which faces onto the mighty Kan Tengri peak of 7,010m.

After descending from Karly Tau peak and back to the base camp we rest for a day. Picked up by a helicopter we then fly 40 minutes back to the alpine region where we return to the start point and travel back to Almaty. In Almaty we have the chance to explore before our final farewell dinner.

To find out more about please contact EDGE Travel Worldwide on: info@edgetravelworldwide.com or Tel: 00 44 (0) 1606 594169.

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