About EDGE Travel Worldwide

EDGE Travel Worldwide is an adventure travel company that organises and leads international short and long break adventures globally and has an exciting unique difference!

Within the EDGE ability we offer EDGE Fitness – weekly outdoor fitness sessions throughout the year along with Spring and Summer fitness camps, based on Mountain, Adventure and Military style fitness. There is also EDGE UK Walks, where we organise and lead 1 to 7-day duration walks of varying ability all over the British Isles throughout the year and then there is EDGE Events & Challenges offering bushcraft and survival experiences, along with leadership programmes and military camps for corporate organisations and sports clubs. Client and event confidentiality is observed as standard.

Bespoke itineraries and events are our speciality!

We also work with Charity organisations to help raise essential funding and awareness through exciting tailor-made events.

With over 25 years of experience in adventure travel, events, challenges and fitness, EDGE Travel Worldwide has developed a strong applied philosophy; where we encourage people to set goals and DO more. Once we are doing what we set as a goal, we start to FEEL more and that is the important moment where we then start to decompress and fill up with the good stuff, we are all always in search of. By doing more and feeling more, we then BE more.


Founded by David Pickles

EDGE Travel Worldwide founder, David Pickles has worked over 25 years in the creation of tailor-made adventures, using his knowledge and experience within the British military, organising and leading expeditions, mountaineering and as a physical training instructor, to develop and provide a connected experience for the EDGE client, where it is possible to progress through from fitness, to walks, events and challneges and then onto international adventure as the ultimate goal. (Sofa To Summit)

In support of enabling others to achieve their long-term goals, EDGE Travel Worldwide offers a huge range of support including health, nutrition, fitness and training programmes, travel, clothing, equipment and packing advice along with face to face meetings to understand what your objective and aims are.

It is vitally important to us that you feel valued before during and after any contact with EDGE and we continuously strive to do just that.

Dave has summited the highest free-standing mountain in the world (Kilimanjaro) over 54 times and has taken over 2,800 people individually to the top in the past 19 years; including people with physical, mental and emotional disabilities and challenges. Dave is the UK and Ireland Ambassador for Helly Hansen Mountain & Outdoor and a life time member of the Royal Geographic Society.