About EDGE Travel Worldwide

EDGE Travel Worldwide is an adventure travel company with 25 years experience in mountaineering, adventure travel and leading expeditions, EDGE Travel Worldwide is setup to cater for your holiday of a lifetime, leading trips from start to finish.

EDGE (Explore, Discover & go to the Extreme) Travel Worldwide is an adventure travel company that sets out to not only cater for your once in a lifetime dream holiday, (although, we have many that return), we’re an adventure travel company with a difference.


Each trip is designed to understand who you are as a person, your group dynamic and tailored to create life-changing experiences that fit in the core of everything we do.

Sofa to Summit

Our Sofa to Summit programme is designed to do just that, get you from your Sofa to Summit with a personalised, diet and exercise plan, supported by people who get to know who you are, what stimulates you and what will get you achieving your goals.

Explore, Discover and Go to the Extreme Packages

Explore, Discover and Go to the Extreme form the basis of our adventure holiday packages. Explore takes you from the wonders of Tanzania, to the peak of Kilimanjaro and a relaxing finish in Zanzibar; Discover is all about feeding that inner explorer in you with our trip to Peru, Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail and Cusco. Finally our Go to the Extreme is a unique, one of a kind tour which takes you to the glaciers of Kazakhstan, placing you in a truly unique and extreme conditions that will test your mind, body and soul throughout the journey.

But that’s not all. EDGE is different in a variety of ways. It’s a holistic travel company, this means it gets to understand you, your needs and your goals; culminating in getting you to achieve what you want from your holiday.

Whether that is feeding the adventurer inside to setting your target to reaching the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, EDGE Travel Worldwide goes about making that achievable. Through the activities on your holiday to getting you ready physically and mentally to climb the world’s highest free standing mountain, it all makes a difference in creating the unique experience that you are looking for.

EDGE Travel Worldwide founder, Dave Pickles has worked over the last 25 years in the creation of tailor made adventures, using his unique knowledge and experience within the British Military to create some of the most culturally diverse and holistically unique experiences that no other adventure travel agent can provide. He has knowledge and extensive mountaineering experience in the Himalayas, the Andes and Tianshan mountain range. This includes leading expeditions within jungle, arctic, desert and mountainous environments, worldwide.

EDGE Travel Worldwide has the expertise and local knowledge to make your enhanced holiday extraordinary.

Founded by David Pickles

Nutrition, health, fitness, adventure and fun are all important to Dave, where he leans on over 25 years of experience within expeditions, mountaineering, the British military and a range of sport activities and events.

To compliment understanding and enabling people further within either the Sofa to Summit programme or on an EGDE Travel Worldwide trip, to be the best they want to be and have the best experience they want to have, Dave is also able to directly support within areas of nutrition, health, wellbeing, fitness and injury rehabilitation.


About EDGE Travel Worldwide

EDGE Travel Worldwide has the expertise and local knowledge to make your enhanced holiday extraordinary.