Travel Insurance is a must on every EDGE Travel Worldwide international adventure trip. It is important that you get the right insurance and take it out at the same time as booking your trip.

You may already have travel insurance and just needs topping up because of the nature of the itinerary.

Always disclose the nature of the trip and itinerary to the insurance company and let them know the following:

  • Maximum height you will be trekking to
  • Which region of the world you will be going to
  • The duration of the trip
  • If you will need helicopter rescue insurance
  • The itinerary of your trip

There are many insurance companies out there and EDGE Travel Worldwide does not have a professional agreement with any insurance company. However, a couple to start you off are:

  • Insure and Go
  • Sports Cover Direct
Sports Travel Insurance


When going on any EDGE Travel Worldwide trip, ensure you check that you have the following:

  • Valid passport with at least 6 months left on the passport, on the day of return travel after the trip
  • Appropriate visa to enter and move around the Country of destination
  • Consult the relevant Embassy for any new updates you should be aware of
  • Review your flight itinerary and make appropriate plans to travel
  • Try to minimise taking ‘soft’ plastic into Countries and try to use re-usable products wherever possible
  • Let your bank know when and where you will be travelling to and for how long
  • Consider different forms of local payment in preparation to entering your Country of destination

Clothing & Equipment

A kit list is provided with each itinerary and is available separately if needed. One to One advice is always available from EDGE Travel Worldwide either via e-mail, over the phone or face to face.

Make sure you have a plan to take the right clothing and kit with you. Here is a reference guide to make it easier:

  • Read the itinerary kit list
  • Review your current clothing and equipment
  • Make a plan to fill the gaps and always try clothing on before buying
  • Always get into a sleeping bag and try before buying
  • Don’t order essential clothing and kit off the internet without seeing it and trying it in a shop first
  • Purchase reputable brands of clothing with a life time guarantee wherever possible. EDGE Travel Worldwide recommends looking at Helly Hansen clothing. Comment from Dave:

“I have used Helly Hansen clothing for years in the military and as a mountaineer. I am proud to have Helly Hansen as my company sponsor but wouldn’t have accepted if I didn’t believe the kit could do the job well.”

  • Always test your kit during the training phase before going to your Country of destination. You don’t want important clothing and equipment to fail during your trip of a life time!
  • Buy cheap, buy twice!

EDGE Travel Worldwide is able to offer its clients 10% discount on Helly Hanson clothing and equipment, please email to request your voucher code and claim your discount.


When going on an EDGE Travel Worldwide trip you fill out a booking form which has a health questionnaire on it. If you have any doubts, contact the office for a chat. The following will help prepare you for how to navigate towards your experience of a lifetime:

  • Make an appointment to see your GP to check you are healthy and able to undertake the trip itinerary
  • Discuss altitude with your Doctor and get their advice
  • Discuss what vaccinations and any other prescription drugs you may need for your trip
  • A useful website to research your travel health needs for the trip is:
  • Get the correct advice from a medical professional
  • Conduct the appropriate training leading up to the trip. The EDGE Team can help advise on this and provide tailor made programmes for you to follow.
  • Book onto a series of EDGE UK Walks as these are designed to help you with your training programme and provide the best chance of success on the big trip!

Ultimately, the Team at EDGE Travel Worldwide are always available to have a chat about any questions you have, however anything medical related must be addressed by your Doctor.

Remember, prepare to the best of your ability before the trip in every way. This will help ensure you have a safe, strong positive experience. We want you to come back wanting more and asking the questions: ‘That was brilliant, what is next?’