EDGE Travel Worldwide has worked with many Charities over the years in providing one and multiple day UK walks as fundraising challenges such as Yorkshire 3 Peaks, National 3 Peaks, Sandstone Trail and many more. Other fundraising also includes organising and leading international adventure trips to iconic destinations such as Kilimanjaro, Inca Trail & Machu Picchu, Everest Base Camp. We specialise in organising and leading tailor-made events too, where closely look at your requirements and design either a one-off or a series of fund-raising events and challenges in the UK leading up to a big goal abroad, to help further raise awareness and essential fundraising.

Other events which are great for raising awareness and funds are:

LAND SEA AIR Challenge



A two-day event combining a Mountain, Lake and Tandem free fall parachute jump is perfect for a group of Friends, Charity fund raising or as a Team Building experience.

I’m NOT a celebrity get me IN there


Bushtucker trials, collect the stars through varied and exciting challenges, test your mental and physical resilience and sleep under the stars during a tailor made and branded event to your organisation. Superb for Charity fund raising or as a Team Building experience.

Woodland Challenge



Bushcraft, Shelter building, fire-lighting, open air cooking, sleeping under the canopy of a woodland, team energisers, high and low ropes challenges all combine into a fantastic 1- or 2-day experience ideal for individuals, groups of Friends and team building.


Immersion into the brilliant world of Bushcraft learning various techniques ideal for individuals, Families and corporate team building over a 1 to 4-day experience including optional overnight stay in shelters. Activity sites throughout the UK. Activities include:

  • Shelter Construction
  • Fire Lighting techniques
  • Cooking techniques
  • Handling of knives and saws
  • Water procurement and processing
  • Tree ID
  • Camp fire gadgets and furnishings
  • Direction finding
  • String making
  • Wild foods and cooking techniques
  • Long Bow making
  • Chair making
  • Pole-lathe turning
  • Willow sculpture
  • Basketry

Charities EDGE Travel Worldwide work with and support are:

Dave and John

Mountain & Navigation

To be safe and have confidence in your own ability in the mountains is essential. The more you know the more you enjoy. This will enable the start of your new journey into the outdoors with confidence and excitement!