The passion, belief and DNA from EDGE Travel Worldwide within working alongside people created an idea that turned into what is now a legacy in the form of Community EDGE.

Community EDGE is a ‘CIC – Community Interest Company’ founded in January 2018 (Registration number 11326227.) As a Not for Profit organisation, Community EDGE focuses on three key areas with a local, National and International support network:

  1. 7-25 year olds who may come from a disadvantaged and dysfunctional background.
  2. International Displaced People e.g. Refugees
  3. Women’s health i.e. vulnerable Women who have mental, emotional and physical challenges including Mother’s.


The mantra of Community EDGE is:                    Prepare – Enjoy – Achieve – Thrive


We are a direct service provider. Providing services from an inhouse resource and a carefully selected professional partner network.

The objective is to improve the self-confidence, self-belief and self-worth of each individual in order to add quality of life where possible and to nurture & nourish the Community as a whole in a strong, positive and sustainable approach, while also increasing mental, emotional and physical resilience.

Mental health features as a corner stone focus for Community EDGE but will also be open to apply additional quality support and services to other areas of needs and wants too.

Community EDGE is certainly not limited to any area in terms delivering services to demographic and geographic community service provision. Primarily Community EDGE focuses within Cheshire and the UK but also operates worldwide. Measurable outcomes and transparent governance is key. Community EDGE always aims to be an integral part of people’s lives as a reliable and quality Community service provider, of health and wellbeing.