Corporates and Sport Clubs

The unique ability for EDGE Travel Worldwide to not only offer, organise and deliver fitness, health & wellbeing workshops, training programmes, UK walks, events, challenges and international adventure experiences, but to also have the in-house skill sets and experience to offer; bushcraft and survival experiences, military camps and tailor made leadership programmes to corporate and sports club clients, sets EDGE Travel Worldwide apart from any other service provider out there!

We provide all our services inhouse and like to develop long term sustainable relationships; because building on experience after experience, provides better enhanced events, measurable outcomes and a stronger understanding and a unique quality working relationship.

Once we understand your DNA, objectives and aims, we tailor make unique events and experiences that achieve the outcome needed.


Leadership Programmes

Ideal for corporate and sports club organisations as tailor made programmes to incorporate your objectives, aims and core values.

Based on a combination of proven leadership experience of over 25 years within the military and also organising and leading remote and wilderness expeditions to jungle, mountain, arctic and desert environments worldwide, all EDGE Leadership programmes and academy’s are specifically developed to your requirements which are measurable and tangible.

We use a combination of the outdoors as the class room and your place of work, using various techniques to firstly identify the qualities individuals have and then to develop them individually and collectively. Once established, each person is set a tailor-made leadership development programme in order to get them to where they need to be. To be the best we want and can be, is essential to everything in creating that essential edge in order to be more effective, efficient and capable in the role of a leader.

Aimed at junior and senior leadership requirements, you have the option to invest in an individual or a group of existing and potential leaders as a programme, or even setting up a sustainable leadership academy with the guidance and support of EDGE Travel Worldwide.


Immersion into the brilliant world of Bushcraft learning various techniques ideal for individuals, Families and corporate team building over a 1 to 4-day experience including optional overnight stay in shelters. Activity sites throughout the UK. Activities include:

  • Shelter Construction
  • Fire Lighting techniques
  • Cooking techniques
  • Handling of knives and saws
  • Water procurement and processing
  • Tree ID
  • Camp fire gadgets and furnishings
  • Direction finding
  • String making
  • Wild foods and cooking techniques
  • Long Bow making
  • Chair making
  • Pole-lathe turning
  • Willow sculpture
  • Basketry

Military Camps

Over 25 years of military skill sets and working knowledge allow EDGE to provide a tailor-made experience which will incorporate the objective and aims of the client to ensure it is a safe, strong positive military camp with tangible and measurable outcomes.

The Members of the EDGE Team include ex UK Special Forces, Commando and Airborne trained personnel with several international deployments between them. Lessons learnt from working in high pressure environments and a professional disciplined commitment to intense training; provides your event and those on it with an edge to take back into your work environment; to help befit your individual and collective DNA, focus and success.

There are no limits to what can be provided or achieved on these events and can incorporate single or multiple days anywhere in the UK and the world; when individuals and teams come together to use this experience in order to build on for the following year, corporate business plan or training within the Sports Team programme.

EDGE Travel Worldwide | UK Hiking Tours | Travel Image
EDGE Travel Worldwide | UK Hiking Tours | Travel Image

Guest Speaker

Dave Pickles has appeared on stage as a guest speaker in front of audiences ranging from 20 to 5,500 people, talking about his experiences on deployment to Afghanistan with the military, to jungle, mountain, desert and arctic expeditions globally in remote and austere environments and what it is like to be told he would “…never walk properly again or ever run again”… after a horrific back injury, to then go onto ultra-Ironman events, adventure racing and summiting the highest free standing mountain in the world over 50 times.

Dave has a range of skill sets and experience in the outdoors which have enabled him to thrive over survive in extreme environments.’


EDGE Travel Worldwide | International Adventure Trekking Trips | Travel Image

LAND SEA AIR Challenge



A two-day event combining a Mountain, Lake and Tandem free fall parachute jump is perfect for a group of Friends, Charity fund raising or as a Team Building experience.

EDGE Travel Worldwide | International Adventure Trekking Trips | Travel Image

I’m NOT a celebrity get me IN there


Bushtucker trials, collect the stars through varied and exciting challenges, test your mental and physical resilience and sleep under the stars during a tailor made and branded event to your organisation. Superb for Charity fund raising or as a Team Building experience.

EDGE Travel Worldwide | International Adventure Trekking Trips | Travel Image

Woodland Challenge



Bushcraft, Shelter building, fire-lighting, open air cooking, sleeping under the canopy of a woodland, team energisers, high and low ropes challenges all combine into a fantastic 1- or 2-day experience ideal for individuals, groups of Friends and team building