With more ancient archaeological sites than any other country in South America, our Discover package strikes at the heart of the site-seeing explorer.

Over 13 days, you will experience the treasure of South America; known as the fabled “wonderland” the single image of Machu Picchu can already start to evoke a travellers vivid imagination; luckily however, there is more to Peru than you can imagine; this is our Discover package for that very reason.

Arriving in Peru you will be transported to Lima, Cusco, the Sacred Valley, the Inca Trail and the city of Puno and taking in the wonderful Lake Titicaca. From mangroves to cloudforest, glacial lakes to desert oases, Peru has some of the greatest diversity of plant and wildlife on the planet, making our tours something truly special.

Peru’s diverse landscape, archaeological sites such as Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail make our South American Discovery package equally unique and exhilarating.

ItineraryDates and PricesKey Facts

Day One - Welcome to Peru

Transfer to the hotel. Overnight at Casa Andina Miraflores Centro.

Day Two - Half day Lima city tour Colonial and Modern

You will experience the best attractions in Lima, paying particular attention to its three historical periods: pre-Hispanic, colonial and contemporary.

Day Three - Towards Cusco

Upon arrival, transfer to the Sacred Valley and accommodation at the hotel. Rest of the day at leisure. Overnight at La Casona Yucay.

Day Four - Full Day Sacred Valley

Alongside the Vilcanota River, where we find native communities, impressive terraces and many important archaeological sites.

Day Five - Inca Trail

Inca Trail 4D/3N Package (Sacred Valley – Wayllabamba) which sees the first day take you on a 12km hike along the Urubamba River.

Day Six - Inca Trail

Inca Trail 4D/3N Package (Wayllabamba - Warmiwañuska - Pacaymayo) You will start to climb to the highest and most famous mountain pass: The Abra Warmihuañusca (Dead Woman's Pass 4200 m.a.s.l.). It will take about 2 hours to get to the top.

Day Seven - Inca Trail

Inca Trail 4D/3N Package (Pacaymayo - Wiñay wayna) This day we will start by hiking up a steep path that will lead us to the Runkurakay pass (3970 m.a.s.l.). During our way, you will stop to visit the archaeological ruins of Runkurakay (3800 m.a.s.l.) After we have reached the top, we will walk down to   (3624 m.a.s.l.).

Day Eight - Inca Trail

Inca Trail 4D/3N Package (Wiñaywayna - Machu Picchu - Cusco)  It's about an hour hiking along a narrow trail of rainforest. Our tour guide will show us around the wonderful Inca village called: Machu Picchu for about 2, 5 h. After the tour you will be able to take some more photos and explore Machu Picchu by yourself.

Day Nine - Half Day City Tour

Half Day City Tour and surrounding ruins; The tour starts at the impressive Colonial Cathedral in Cuzco and takes you around temples and well known Inca architecture.

Day Ten

Tourist bus from Cusco to Puno Along the route passengers will enjoy of a wide range of archeological, art, food, flora and fauna attractions. Along the way we can also buy some souvenirs and take all the pictures you want from the beautiful landscapes.Day Eleven - Sixteen

Breezes Beach Club & Spa resort.  Transfer to Breezes Beach Club & Spa 5-star resort. While at Breezes, you will be able to completely relax in luxury or participate in various water activities such as diving, kite surfing or snorkelling in and around the island reef.

Day Eleven

Full day Titicaca Cultural Express Taquile, Llachon & Uros (speed boat); Hike through a pre-Inca trail with spectacular landscapes of the island, visiting families of weavers to learn about their textile art and symbolism that has been declared by UNESCO as world heritage.

Day Twelve

Towards Lima: Transfer to the airport and board your flight back to Lima. (Flight is not included). Arrival and transfer to the hotel. Overnight at Casa Andina Miraflores Centro.

Day Thirteen

Back home


Peru: (Excluding Flights – approximately £800)

Trips run in June & September – subject to availability

Peru - £2,300 per person (14 nights)

*  NB - discounts apply to groups numbering over 10 - please ask for details


Key Facts

Discover - 10 key facts

Lima has three historical periods in its city centre: pre-Hispanic, colonial and contemporary

The Incas were polytheists, which meant they had several gods. The most important was Inti, the Sun God. His wife, the Moon Goddess, took over his duties by night.

Did you know that the Incas developed a sophisticated postal system? They used chains of runners to relay messages. These fast-footed news couriers were stationed in pairs, one sleeping while the other awaiting news.

The road system for the Inca people included over 23,000 kilometers of path that had been built up to work as roads being careful not to interrupt the natural environment.

Trek through the Urubamba River to the Vilacanota ridge

Dry straw of corn plant mixed with clay sculpted mud bricks were used as a binding material.

Lake Titicaca lays in a sub basin in the high Andes mountains and is fed by both melting glacier and rainwater

Lima is connected to the Peruvian highlands by a Central Highway that traverses through scenic countryside.

The climate in Puno is cold and dry year-round. The average temperature hovers around 45 degrees Fahrenheit.


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