Downloadable Brochure
Downloadable Brochure

All year round, outdoor, all ability inclusive full functional fitness experience to get you Mountain, Adventure and Run FIT. M.A.R.F.

M.A.R.F. has been developed from high level expertise and long-standing experience in the military, mountains and adventure racing environment.

Weekly outdoor fitness sessions and yearly one day fitness camps in the UK, allowing you to strive to your full potential by setting exciting and realistic goals and working towards them in a fun, sociable and effective environment. Each EDGE Fitness session is different to the other but has a unique system to enable all abilities from the complete Novice through to the advanced athlete; to train at the same time.
Your EDGE Fitness Instructor has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of health, wellbeing, nutrition, fitness, training and sports injury rehabilitation including thriving in remote and austere environments where resilience, skill set and capability are essential.

Current weekly EDGE Fitness sessions are held in Cheshire throughout the year. Come along for your first free session and experience what it is all about. If Cheshire is too far away, then why not contact us and plan an EDGE Fitness Camp near you! Contact Dave on:

Fitness Testimonial

Sofa To Summit is a tailor made fitness, health, wellbeing and training journey taking you as the individual from wherever your ability is, all the way to achieve an incredible goal which could be anyone of the following, in a sustainable and strong approach:

  • 5km
  • 10km
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon
  • Ultra-Marathon
  • Sprint or Olympic distance Triathlon
  • Half Ironman
  • Ironman
  • Multiple day Adventure racing