LAND SEA AIR Challenge



A two-day event combining a Mountain, Lake and Tandem free fall parachute jump is perfect for a group of Friends, Charity fund raising or as a Team Building experience.

I’m NOT a celebrity get me IN there


Bushtucker trials, collect the stars through varied and exciting challenges, test your mental and physical resilience and sleep under the stars during a tailor made and branded event to your organisation. Superb for Charity fund raising or as a Team Building experience.

Woodland Challenge



Bushcraft, Shelter building, fire-lighting, open air cooking, sleeping under the canopy of a woodland, team energisers, high and low ropes challenges all combine into a fantastic 1- or 2-day experience ideal for individuals, groups of Friends and team building


Immersion into the brilliant world of Bushcraft learning various techniques ideal for individuals, Families and corporate team building over a 1 to 4-day experience including optional overnight stay in shelters. Activity sites throughout the UK. Activities include:

  • Shelter Construction
  • Fire Lighting techniques
  • Cooking techniques
  • Handling of knives and saws
  • Water procurement and processing
  • Tree ID
  • Camp fire gadgets and furnishings
  • Direction finding
  • String making
  • Wild foods and cooking techniques
  • Long Bow making
  • Chair making
  • Pole-lathe turning
  • Willow sculpture
  • Basketry