Tanzania - Safari, Kilimanjaro & Zanzibar

Trek up the Kilimanjaro (5,895m) the highest free standing mountain in the world to the roof of Africa, explore the largest and most prolific wildlife reserve on the continent and discover perfect relaxation in an exclusive luxurious 5 star resort on the spice island of Zanzibar, on the beautiful and famous white sands and turquoise waters. Choose one, two or all three of the travel options to fit in with your needs and wants. This holiday experience of a life time ranges between a total of 9 to 18 days depending on which options you choose.

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Day One

Transfer from Airport to Safari

Day Two

Lake Mayanara to Serengeti National park with en-route game drive and picnic lunch. Dinner and overnight Serengeti Kati Kati Camp.

Day Three

Serengeti National Park to Ngorongoro Conservation area proceeding to Ngorongoro Conservation area for crater game drive with picnic lunch. Dinner and overnight Bougainvillea Safari Lodge.

Day Four

Drive to Moshi with Masai Village with picnic en route.

Day Five

Drive to Marangu with hike to Mandara Hut reaching a total altitude of 2727m in the day following a 3-4 hour walk!

Day Six

Walk to Horombo Hut. From dense alpine meadows to volcanic ravines covered by shrubbery and wild-flowers indigenous to Kilimanjaro you ascend to 3700m today.

Day Seven

Spare day for acclimatisation

Day Eight

Walk to Kibo Hut. Climbing above 4000m you get a clearer view of Kibo and the hardiest forms of vegetation as our ascent to Kilimanjaro starts to become an ever more realistic prospect.

Day Nine

Walk to summit; descend to Horombo Hut. we begin a hard walk, ascending to 5660m in just a few hours to reach Gilmans Point on the rim of the crater. We begin in darkness, walking up a steep scree slope, past icy crevasses and giant boulders to the final ridge. Although at times you may only be able to walk 10 paces before you have to stop and rest, there is no doubt that it is all worth it when you reach the top.

Day Ten

Walk to Marangu; drive to Moshi. We descend into a warmer climate and take steps to get rested walking through a forest descent.

Day Eleven - Sixteen

Breezes Beach Club & Spa resort.  Transfer to Breezes Beach Club & Spa 5-star resort. While at Breezes, you will be able to completely relax in luxury or participate in various water activities such as diving, kite surfing or snorkelling in and around the island reef.

Day Seventeen

Zanzibar to the mainland for flight back to the UK.


Tanzania: (Excluding flights – approximately £700)

Trips run in February, May, September & October – subject to availability

Safari - £1,200 per person (4 nights)*

Kilimanjaro £1,800 per person (6 nights)*

Zanzibar £ 1,500 per person (4 nights)*

*  NB - discounts apply to groups numbering over 10 - please ask for details

Key Facts



The Serengeti is a vast ecosystem in east-central Africa. It spans 12,000 square miles (30,000 square kilometers) giving rise to its name, which is derived from the Maasai language and means “endless plains.

The Serengeti encompasses Serengeti National Park and a number of protected game reserves and conservation areas maintained by the governments of Tanzania and Kenya.

Altitudes in the Serengeti range from 3,020 feet to 6,070 feet (920 meters to 1,850 meters)

The Maasai people had been grazing their livestock in the open plains for around 200 years when the first European explorers visited the area.

The first Brit to enter the Serengeti, Stewart Edward White, recorded his explorations in the northern Serengeti in 1913.


Kilimanjaro is the highest free standing mountain in the world

The oldest person ever to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro was 87-year-old Frenchman Valtee Daniel.

Almost every kind of ecological system is found on the mountain: cultivated land, rain forest, heath, moorland, alpine desert and an arctic summit.

Nearly every climber who has summited Uhuru Peak, the highest summit on Kibo’s crater rim, has recorded his or her thoughts about the accomplishment in a book stored in a wooden box at the top.

Approximately 25,000 people attempt to summit Mt. Kilimanjaro annually. Approximately two-thirds are successful. Altitude-related problems is the most common reason climbers turn back.

Approximately two-thirds are successful. Altitude-related problems is the most common reason climbers turn back.


Zanzibar is not a single island, but an archipelago. The two main islands are Unguja (the largest) and Pemba, while there are numerous smaller ones too.

The Zanzibar red colobus monkey is endemic to the main island of Unguja – there are only up to 3,000 individuals left.

Zanzibar is known as The Spice Islands due to their production of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, and black pepper.

Zanzibar was incorporated into the United Republic of Tanzania in 1964.

Zanzibar has the largest number of carved doors in East Africa.


Please Note: Dates and prices can be subject to change and some departure dates may differ, please contact Edge Travel before proceeding to book your place.