Peru is known for its diverse landscapes, culture and history, or as visitors call it ‘the land of Incas’. One day you could be laying on a beach, then trekking the rainbow mountains! 

EDGE Travel Worldwide is offering you to join them on a 3 in 1 colourful journey to the Rainbow Mountains, trekking along the Inca Trail and also visiting the iconic Machu Picchu!

What Makes the Rainbow Mountains So Special?

Did you know there are only four rainbow mountains that exist in the world? This makes them rare, which is why visitors tend to go in large groups.

They were formed in a burst full of colours due to sedimentary mineral layers in the mountains that have been exposed by erosion. Ideal for the famous Instagram picture! The rainbow Mountains in Peru were only discovered 5 years ago after the snow melted in the area on the high peaks.

What Is The Inca Trail?

The Inca Trail was a route for pilgrimage by Sapo Inca to reach Machu Picchu in the 15th century. While on your journey, the trail takes you through mysterious archaeological sites you’ll never forget.

The Inca Trail consists of a lot of walking! The highest point of the trail is 4,200m above sea level. This can be challenging for hikers, but it’s worth the sweat and aches!

Is Machu Picchu worth the hype?

If the Inca Trail hasn’t taken your breath away at this point, Machu Picchu certainly will.

Fun fact: Machu Picchu means ‘‘Old Mountain’’. This attraction beholds the best-known archaeological area in the world. Think you could reach to the top? You’ll be looking down at a spectacular 2,500 meters above sea level.

If you haven’t heard the saying already, you need to visit Machu Picchu at least once in your life. We’ll help you true explorers tick this off your bucket list!

The trip is perfect for explorers who have a higher strength in physical fitness. Walking days consist between 6-8 hours on soft/high ground. It is important you are aware of this as good stamina will be vital on this exciting journey.

Still unsure? To help you decide, have a watch of this video:


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Author: Charis Hayden


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