International Trips


“No one trip is the same, no one experience is replicated; we are an experience orientated travel guide to the world’s most premier locations where we cater our knowledge with your expectations.”

There aren’t many companies like us. Actually, there are very few who know how to create the kind of lifetime adventure your inner self has been searching for, luckily we are one of them. How do we do it? Our approach isn’t a magic potion, nor is it stowed away for those to guess at; it’s actually simple.

It’s called Experience. We have lived the life of searchers and explorers, travellers and adventurers, we have spent time doing what many want to experience when it comes to an adventure holiday. We can do this because we understand the positive changes that shape our lives are both internal and external; this is what an adventure travel company does. It cleanses the soul, refreshes the mind and pushes your body the right way.
We sound like a ‘holistic’ adventure travel company because, we are. EDGE doesn’t want to be the biggest adventure travel company, only the best adventure travel company there is available. We can only do this by giving you the experience you want and deserve.