Kazakhstan – Passes, rivers, forests, meadows & lakes adventure

Kazakhstan – Passes, rivers, forests, meadows & lakes adventure

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A truly unique trek which involves hiking through majestic alpine scenery, possible encounters with nomad people in wild Kazakhstan valleys, trekking, crossing and camping involving rivers, lakes and passes.

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A high level of fitness, setting goals to test, achieve and a strong desire to continuously develop yourself and your kit in tough environments with a brilliant sense of satisfaction. Experience driven and doesn’t mind experiencing fatigue and identifying new personal strengths. 8-9hrs of walking each day.


Departure is usually London Heathrow, this may vary and the specific location will be provided upon booking.

All international and connecting return flights are not included in the EDGE Travel Worldwide trip price per person. If you would like EDGE Travel Worldwide to book your flights, please note there will be a £100 administration fee applied.

DAY 1    Almaty City Tour

Arrival in Almaty and transfer to hotel. In the afternoon after lunch we visit the incredible city of Almaty with a City Tour.

Overnight stay in hotel

(Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 2    Transfer to Karkara Base camp, 2,200m

After breakfast, we travel to Karkara base camp. We stop off to have a hot lunch on the way and then travel onto the beautiful Charyn Gorge where we stop and stretch our legs by exploring some of its ridge lines. After Charyn Gorge we eventually arrive at Karkara Base Camp at 2,200m. (5-6hrs)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 3    Alpine meadows and pine forests of the Kok say Plateau 2,890m

After lunch we start trekking through alpine meadows and pine forests to Kok say plateau above Karkara Base Camp to a height of 2,890m and stay overnight for our first nights stay of the trek. Our main duffel bags will be carried by horses throughout the trek.


(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 4    Hunter’s Pass 3,640m

Fully immersed into the vibrant, clean and fresh outdoors, we start the day by trekking up to Hunter’s Pass at 3,640m for the first view of the Tien Shan Mountain Range in the distance. After lunch we descend into the Kokzhar valley where we camp for the night at 2,640m. (5-6hrs)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 5    Kokzhar river 2,800m

Continuing our trek within stunning alpine meadows, we move along the Kokzhar River for 15km where we arrive at our next nights camp in time to have an optional trek to a high point before watching the sun set and dinner. (4-5hrs) Optional high point trek (2-3hrs)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 6    Tyuz Pass 3,556m

Today we trek 12km up to Tyuz Pass at 3,556m and onto Tekes Plateau covering a short decent. There is an optional trek to a high point for extended views. (4-5hrs) Optional additional trek (2hrs) Camping – Full board.

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 7    Ulken Kokpak Valley 2,400m

Descending 10km through the Tuyuk Kokpak canyon and into the pine forest, we come to the riverbed at 2,530m. After lunch we trek up and across a green pass at 3,150m to the Ulken Kokpak valley camp at 3,150m. (6-7hrs)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 8    Karakol Lake 3,150m

The morning sees us trekking up to a pass at 3,550m where we then descend to Karakol Lake and camp for the evening at 3,150m. (6-7hrs)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 9    Akkol Lake 3,100m

Up and over a 3,660m pass with great views and lunch on the way, we continue to descend to camp near Akkol Lake 3,100m. (5-6hrs)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 10  Ashutor Valley 2,700m

After completing the trekking over high passes, glacial lakes and alpine meadows we have one final pass to enjoy at 3,780m before descending into the Ashutor valley to walk along the river banks to the first pine ofrest grove where we set up camp for the night at 2,700m. (6-7hrs.)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 11  Frontier station 2,400m

Continuing through the pine forests and meadows within the Bayankol valley, we eventually meet a dirt road which leads to the Frontier station. We have our last fantastic view of the mighty Khan Tengri North Face summit and set up camp at 2,400m for our final night in this beautiful and inspiring environment. (5-6hrs)

(Breakfast, Lunch, & Dinner)


DAY 12  Almaty

Late AM drive to Almaty. Lunch en-route at local café. Arrive hotel in Almaty. Farewell dinner. (Bus, 360kms, 7hrs.)



DAY 13  Almaty – home

Pick up from hotel and transfer to the airport. Fly home.


Personal Expenses

You will need extra money to cover the cost of drinks, souvenirs, meals (where applicable) airport taxes, etc. It is advisable to change money on arrival at international airports whilst waiting for your luggage, as opportunities for changing money are subsequently few. Credit cards are generally not accepted.

Visa Requirements

UK, AUS, NZ, USA & Canadian citizens will need an entry visa. Other nationalities should consult their consular office.

 Vaccinations & Protection

Make an appointment with your Doctor to discuss and also gain written confirmation of what is needed by the relevant Consulate of your trip destination. Make an appointment with your Doctor to have a full health check to ensure you are physically fit for the trip itinerary. A third source of reference is: www.travelhealthpro.org.uk EDGE Travel Worldwide is not responsible to list or advise; which vaccinations or any other travel medication you may need on your trip. This is your responsibility. Special Note: Visa and vaccination requirements are subject to change and should be confirmed before departure.

Personal medication

Please note all illness, injuries and medication need to be disclosed to EDGE Travel Worldwide at time of booking – please seek advice from your Doctor to your suitability of participating on this trip.


You must make sure you have the right travel insurance for the trip personally and also make sure you have insurance to cover medical evacuation in case of emergency. An example company to arrange this is: ACE European Group Ltd (telephone) 0207 1737796


To enjoy any trek such as climbing Karly Tau peak, it is essential to be in shape before you arrive. It is not wise to regard a trek as a means of getting into shape or loosing excess weight. Start a programme of conditioning well before departure – in fact as soon as you book – and be aware that short walks on the flat do little to prepare you for the gradients involved on this trek. Running, hill walking and other more active sports are suitable.

Grading is a somewhat difficult topic as much depends on the individuals own perception of his or her abilities. The following is intended as a general guide to our walking grades. This trip is rated as Grade C

Grade C Walks (Strenuous): are for the more serious hill walker and a higher level of physical fitness is required. Walking days are normally 6-8 hours and may involve up to 900m or more in ascent or descent. You should be prepared for several consecutive days walking, often at higher altitudes, so stamina is important.


$100 should be set aside per client to contribute to the local crew tips at the end of the trip.

Meal Plan

Local food and drink: Meals other than those included in the itinerary are paid for separately by the traveller.

Clothing and equipment required for the trekking part of the trip

Walking boots (comfortable/rugged and fully waterproof & able to fit crampons)

38ltr day-sack (to carry essentials for the day)

Canoe dry sacks (to transport all nonessential clothing and equipment in – for river crossings)

Trainers or trekking sandals

Old sandals (for river crossing)

Walking poles (a pair)

Waterproof breathable jacket & trousers

Down jacket (with hood)

Long walking trousers (quick drying)

Fleece (warm)

Light weight wind proof jacket

Thermals (Long sleeve top and long leggings)

Jogging pants and sweatshirt (comfortable for the evening)



Gloves (Liner, thermal and waterproof outers)

Socks (for each day walking)

Swimsuit and small towel


Sleeping bag (4 season) & fleece liner

Sleeping mat or thermarest

Water bottles/Camelbak (total of 4 litres)

Plastic bags/waterproof sacks – essential for waterproofing all kit in day sack and main bags



Snow goggles

Sun hat (wide brim)

High factor sun cream\ block & lip protection

Personal first aid kit \ dental kit (essential items for you)

Whistle (connected to string and tied to your jacket)

Spare laces

Eye mask

Ear plugs (x2 pairs)

Wet wipes

Hand sanitizer

Head Torch & spare batteries

Hand torch & spare batteries

Camera & spare batteries

Note pad and pencil/pen

Snacks (to graze on during the day)


Not Included

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Enquire About This Adventure Trip

Customer Reviews

Edge Travel Worldwide

Customer Reviews

Chris, Frodsham

What can I say, this was the experience of a lifetime and was fantastic! Every aspect of the trip for me was handled with professionalism and care with everyone’s safety and enjoyment paramount. The local guides and contacts were fantastic, plainly experienced and some of the loveliest people I have met. Walking at high altitude (19,500 ft at the top) comes with its own risks but I felt that every step of the way our wellbeing and health was being looked after and I am happy to say I would trust my life to Dave and his teams on any of his trips. I got so many things form this trip, meeting new people, walking at altitude, spending so much time laughing and being able to mentally unwind. The achievement of reaching the top of the highest free-standing mountain in the world, seeing the sunrise over Africa, has and will stay with me forever. It has given me the mental strength to do other things in life and when things have got tough afterwards I have been able to say to myself “You walked to the top of the highest free standing mountain in the world, you have got this” and it has inevitably got me through. A massive thank you to Dave and all at EDGE Travel Worldwide for this life changing experience and I can’t wait to go on the next one.

Jayne, Shrewsbury

It has been a privilege to walk with the people I have met. Many of them, friends for life. On my first EDGE Travel Worldwide trip I took my daughter to Machu Picchu. To share such an adventure with her was incredible and we will treasure the memories forever . It changes your mindset seeing the culture and a view if life in a different way .
It’s hard to put into words how much Edge Travel worldwide has changed our lives as a family for the better . Through meeting Sarah and then Dave I have travelled to Machu Picchu and Kilimanjaro & I have now reserved my third adventure

This was my second EDGE trip, this time I took my son , we loved it every second of it . Kilimanjaro is so much more than just the summit it’s the journey before and after . The people that care for you, the guides the trek the adventure folds out in pages like a chapter in front of you you can’t wait to turn the next page . The joy of this experience is you take it home with you and the feeling of such an achievement stays with you . I feel healthier, fitter and addicted to altitude. At the time it’s a tough challenge but to push yourself out of normal daily life and out if your comfort zone its an experience I will never forget . For me it’s about making the most of the time we are here and trying to stay fit as long as I can and share these incredible accomplishments in the knowledge the next adventure is out there. Without Dave none of this would have been possible. The encouragement, guidance and kindness extends far beyond a trip. I have seen Dave show my children how to overcome fear of heights, learn about weather conditions, believe in themselves and succeed without any limits. These are priceless travel experiences and we want to thank you for making our dreams come true for me and my family.

Toni, Leicester

IF you’ve seen and have been inspired by the Comic Relief Killimanjaro climb and are interested in finding out how you too could get close to this amazing mountain and have a wonderful adventure!
IF you wish to challenge and grow yourself in the company of other wonderful inspiring people then you need to meet Dave Pickles from EDGE Travel Worldwide.
We had the most amazing time. We were all from different backgrounds ,different age groups , different fitness levels , and Dave brought us together as a TEAM!
We laughed , cried , sang , stumbled , hugged and shared this amazing experience together .
What you can’t see in the Comic Relief film are the amazing porters who carry the provisions , care for the climbers , encourage every step of the way and who make the journey so special .
I reached the summit holding hands with Hilary – he sang softly for hours as we climbed the mountain in the moonlight and this was one of the most beautiful experiences in my life so far .

Yvonne, Kingsmead

Kilimanjaro, wow – I wanted a challenge and that is what I got!

I absolutely loved this trip; the itinerary was well put together with Dave Pickles coordinating every day seamlessly. The local crew of Porters and Guides were so incredibly funny, friendly, humble and kind, I felt that I was always in safe hands.

I was travelling alone, but within minutes of meeting people at the airport, friendships were made and a lovely group was born. Two thirds of the group knew each other previously but this did not really impact on the group dynamics, everyone integrated well.

This trek took me way out of my comfort zone…I have reasonable fitness level, but I found this so hard, particularly the summit night when altitude sickness descended. But it made the success all the sweeter when I reached the very top of highest freestanding mountain in the world. Ages in our group ranged from 19-74, young and young at heart got to the top, so it really is achievable for all with the right mindset and support.

Dave gave clear guidelines to follow from the outset, rest is best, hydration, pace and relaxation…his support, enthusiasm and vast experience gave me so much confidence in my ability to succeed. Dave constantly encourages, jokes, entertains and manages people in a fun and positive way, striving to give each individual person such an epic experience. He balances that comedic, approachable charm with military organisation and calm professionalism – it is most certainly Dave and his ethos that gives Edge Travel the ‘edge’ above other similar operators.

I could have booked this trip directly with any tour guide in Tanzania, but to be able to draw on Dave’s expertise and knowledge leading up to the trip as well as whilst we were away was invaluable.

Only one small flaw in the itinerary, it would have been wonderful to have an additional day by the pool in our hotel at the end with our group to digest our achievements and raise a toast with a few Kilimanjaro beers! That was just the luck of the draw with the flights and not a complaint, I guess I should have just booked that extra week in Zanzibar after all.

I am rather proud to achieved what I have with the help of Edge Travel, it is all still sinking in and already I can’t wait to plan the next adventure…

Paul, Sandbach

I went on the 2019 trek and what an incredible trip! Certainly tougher than I expected especially on the final ascent but well worth it to have the experience of standing on the roof of Africa. The diversity of landscapes that are experienced throughout the trek is amazing. I would like to highlight that throughout the trip Dave and the team in Tanzania were incredible and the whole trip was made easier knowing that I was in completely safe hands and would thank everyone for their professionalism, care and attention. One of the many memorable moments for me was on the final ascent walk the Tanzania team could see that people were flagging and began singing which I know had an inspirational impact on me and certainly helped get me to the top and speaking to others it had a similar effect. I would not hesitate to recommend Edge Travel to others and also am looking forward to going on another Edge trek.

Angela, Sheffield

I did this trip with Dave in 2017. From start to finish it was the most emotional experience of my life. It was bloody hard, testing and satisfying. I choose the right company for my experience that goes without saying. I didn’t know anyone on the trip but from the end of day 1 I made friends for life and I genuinely mean that. I adore everyone of the team I walked with.
If your looking for a challenge I would defo recommend this one.

Paulina, Spalding

Tanzania and Kilimanjaro was my first trip I did with EDGE. I remember I kept asking myself before the trip if it was really happening. So it did happen and even that until today it’s still the toughest thing I’ve ever done in my life I feel I found myself on that mountain. Believe or not I actually did it again for the second time six months later! And want to go again.. Am I addicted? 😀
Tanzania feels like another home to me with kind people, tasty food and great scenery. You won’t be disappointed!

Wendy, Llangollen

This was my first EDGE trek with Dave in September 2016. I am 100% certain I wouldn’t have submitted without Dave. He has summited Kilimanjaro over 50 times and his vast experience is very evident. His understanding of every emotion a trekker on this mountain is going through is uncanny. His ability to feed you enough information for a successful trek is invaluable. The pace is slow to allow safe acclimatising. Up until the summit attempt this feels like a trek that only gradually gets more challenging. Summit night was a whole level tougher but reaching the crater rim with sunrise felt like I was on a film set. Summiting was surreal (take plenty of photos) I descended quickly and enjoyed feeling the air thickening again at about the same pace the enormity of what I’d achieved really did start sinking in. I definitely have to do this one again as it still feels like a dream!

Phil, Leeds 20/07/2020


Mandy, Bury St. Edmunds 20/07/2020

A great experience from start to finish! Thank you ☺️