Sofa to Summit

The exclusive Sofa to Summit programme within EDGE Travel Worldwide is to enable everyone and anyone to set a life changing goal in trekking to the top of Kilimanjaro, Everest Base Camp, Inca trail, Sahara Desert and many more bespoke itinerary locations. Experience the journey leading up to it; with expert knowledge and support within health, nutrition, fitness and training along with UK walks, events and challenges including Bushcraft and Survival courses.

The Sofa to Summit programme is created around you as an individual, your Charity or your business needs and wants. Getting to know you and working closely with you is critically important so you get the best and most out of your experience.

Dave Pickles not only organises the itineraries and supports those going on trips, but also Tour Leads each trip to make sure you are fully supported and the trip truly is memorable, successful and special.

Within the 12-month Sofa to Summit programme, you will be taken on a life changing personal development experience linking in a variety of options within the field of health, nutrition, fitness, training, events, challenges, UK walks and Bushcraft & Survival.

A team of experts within the Sofa to Summit programme will develop a bespoke approach to you achieving your goal of summiting Kilimanjaro, trekking to Everest Base Camp, walking the Inca trail and many more adventure travel destinations. This is a unique 12-month life changing experience programme which enhances wellbeing, happiness, self-belief, self-confidence and excitement.

EDGE Travel Worldwide Core Values are firmly imprinted within the Sofa to Summit programme which is why it has been developed to specifically support anyone and everyone including charities,individuals and corporate organisations who maybe wanting that something extra special.

The Sofa to Summit programme has worked with charity groups, amputees, people with varying disabilities, sports clubs and corporate organisations. Understanding your requirements, providing new and exciting challenges and experiences, enable us to weave the programme around your needs and wants as a bespoke and special experience.

Your wellbeing and happiness are a key priority to EDGE Travel Worldwide.


Meet the Team of Experts to support you

Nicky, Sasha, Carol, Ralph and Tonje represent the Sofa to Summit support within health, nutrition, fitness, training and injury rehabilitation. They have a whole host of experience and understand what it is like to work towards goals no matter how small or huge they may seem.

Sofa to Summit wants to support everyone and anyone no matter what start point the individual is at in terms of health and fitness. We support the individual to achieve their goals in a sustainable and fun way.

Working with Charity fund raising groups is incredibly rewarding which is why EDGE Travel Worldwide through the Sofa to Summit programme; provides much of its support in line with the Charity core values and develops long term sustainable relationships that make a difference.

Compassion, sustainability, enhancing self-belief, self-confidence and true happiness are core values within the Sofa to Summit programme.


Tonje Olsen

Speciality: Physiotherapist: Sport Injuries & Rehabilitation

Based in Cheshire

Having the right support at the right time is critical to keeping the individuals sense of wellbeing at an optimum level. Tonje is highly regarded in the world of physiotherapy and has a warm and sparkling personality to match her extensive experience as a physiotherapist. These attributes are key in working with people to get the best outcome possible, in supporting through injury rehabilitation to full fitness within the Sofa to Summit programme.

Specialist areas include:

  • Musculoskeletal Injuries
  • Orthopaedic
  • Sports Injury’s
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Trauma Patients
  • Rehabilitation

Tonje’s passion is the outdoors, including football having played in Norway and Spain since the age of 6. Tonje is a key part of the expert panel within the Sofa to Summit programme and simply put; love’s helping people achieve their dreams and goals; from working with them in the Sofa to Summit programme and support during the EDGE adventure travel trips worldwide.

Sasha Buy

Speciality: Body Combat, Body Pump and Body Balance

Based in Shropshire

I teach a range of fitness classes such as Les Mills Body Combat, Body Pump, Body Balance to Spin, boxercise and aqua aerobics to the more calming Pilates & hot yoga. I also hold qualifications such as TRX, kettlebells, strength & conditioning, functional training & Sports massage. I use my qualifications & knowledge to help make training sessions as beneficial as possible to the client. All session plans are bespoke, carefully planned & are always varied to keep clients on their toes. In the sofa to summit programme, I will design a program that is specific to where you are now, suitable to fit your lifestyle to make sure you are fit & strong enough to reach your goal to the top of that mountain through the Sofa to Summit programme.


Carol Roberts

Speciality: Olympic weightlifting, Pilates and Yoga

Based in Cheshire

As a gym instructor and personal trainer I also focus as an instructor on indoor cycling, kettlebells, VIPER, Pilates, nutrition, boxing and Olympic weightlifting. I take a fun, focused and no nonsense approach in order to get the most out of my clients enjoying and achieving their goals. It gives me great satisfaction to see people be the best they can be and for their quality of life to be increased along with their happiness and fitness levels.

Years of experience as a personal trainer have taught me that anything is possible and when it comes to setting goals and working towards them, there are many achievements’ gained along the way, including building up stamina, strength, flexibility, endurance and power required to climb a mountain through the Sofa to Summit programme.


Nicky Abell‐Francis

Speciality:  Holistic therapist

Based in Cheshire

Nicky has many years of expertise in mind and body therapies for tailor made treatments for all ages. Bringing together a range of techniques which result in and enhance wellbeing, relaxation, pain relief, energy boost and rehabilitation from injuries, Nicky is able to work closely with you in a sustainable and individual approach. Understanding how precious and rare relaxation time is, eachsession aims to meet many issues at once and educate to produce long term results.

Cross referral if problems are persistent can be achieved in‐house by working as a team to find the right combination of therapies for each case.


Ralph Hydes

Speciality: Swimming, cycling & running

Based in London

As a personal trainer and Triathlon coach, I have also represented Great Britain in Duathlon and Triathlon over a number of years. My clients range from GB Athletes wanting to sharpen their race performance to the complete novice. Versatility, patience and years of experience are my key components to working with anyone and everyone, in developing realistic and sustainable goals.

Qualifications in British triathlon, ASA swimming, circuit training, sports massage, sports therapy and rehabilitation and body massage are also areas of expertise which can be utilised by clients within the Sofa to Summit programme when working with me to get ready for that mountain.


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