The Importance of Health during day to day life and even more so now!

Hello! Here is some information about the importance of your Mental Fitness, Emotional Resilience and Physical Health and how EDGE can help you…

It is our responsibility to ensure we have and maintain Mental Fitness, Emotional Resilience and Physical health, during our day to day lives and even more so during time of acute stress, change and uncertainty. It can be hard at times and with the ebb and flow of how we feel during the day, week, month and change of season, it is so important to stay connected into the right focus areas to create buoyancy when we need it.

Change is inevitable so let’s constantly create some simple rules that help us all:

  • keep hydrated
  • Nutritional balance
  • Regular exercise and movement
  • Good sleep!

Address these four pillars of strength in the order shown, and everything else follows. We are so fortunate to live in Britain where drinking water comes out of our taps at home, so please use it. We are all different with different needs, so do your research and consult a medical health professional about these four key areas, to maintaining a healthy, happy and sustainable future. Keeping healthy is our main aim so we help ourselves and others.

So, let’s go into a bit more detail…

EDGE refers to mental fitness as the ability to have clarity of thought and make clear decisions and actions when needed. Mental Fitness is so important that it should be scheduled into your daily routine just like physical fitness would be for many of you already.

Simply, Mental Fitness can help you slow down, decompress, make the right decisions at the right time and boost memory. Due to the Mind-body connection physical exercise enhances the enjoyment of mental agility, this is due to the oxygen flow to the brain during physical exercise increasing the level of ‘feel-good factors’ that are released in your brain. So, you probably guessed what’s next, in many cases the more physically fit you are, the more  mentally fit you are likely to be. Therefore, a good start to being mentally fit would be to get yourself physically active.


Some ideas on how to strengthen your Mental Fitness:

Are you ever left with your mind wondering once your body has relaxed at the end of a busy day? This is due to many factors, but one is if you feel fulfilled, content and have a strong level of self-belief. Everyone needs to feel as though they can accomplish things and to have a purpose in life. Find your purpose and enjoy the little things you can turn to and enjoy wherever you are by living in the moment.Also, don’t forget to breath!

There are a few tasks you may already do such as reading, going for a walk or gardening and a few tasks you may not even of considered to do or to stop doing to help your mental fitness. Multitasking, although you may think that this is the quickest way around life, often causes more issues than it solves, for more concentration and to be more productive, stop multitasking as much. Being positive with yourself and develop a strong mindset, by positive thinking and being grateful for what you have, you can enhance your outlook and performance on day to day basis.

What do we refer to Emotional Resilience being?

To EDGE Emotional Resilience is being able to separate emotion in critical moments and to be able to manage disappointment quickly by bouncing back and to keep going! Don’t make it about having time, make time. By making time you are improving the balance in life when it comes to difficult, overwhelming times. Protecting yourself from stressful times by positively confronting them can help prevent the development of mental health issues which then helps you create a positive feel in general.



Some ideas on how to strengthen your Emotional Resilience:

Growing self-confidence is the root of a few ways to improve your Emotional Resilience such as slight changes to your lifestyle, by growing confidence in yourself to become more assertive with others and by having the strength to be straight forward. Another one is sleeping… we all have those late nights; times our patterns go out of sync or nights we feel have been utterly pointless because you just can’t get to sleep! Try focusing more of your day on being physically active whilst eating a healthy balanced diet!

Finally, one statement read quite often is to embrace change, many people find themselves trying to fight against change rather than embracing it, this is approaching change in a negative way. By approaching change with a positive mindset this will help you enjoy and embrace the changes you may face in life. Remember, Emotional Resilience isn’t something that will change overnight. Be patient, and understand the development may be slow, but steady change is progressing perhaps without you even realising. Just be patient.

Finally, what does EDGE mean by Physical Health?

EDGE refers to Physical Health as preventing illness and disease through hydration, nutrition, exercise and sleep. Physical health has many benefits as it can have immediate and long-term health benefits such as reducing the risk of illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular disease, whilst also improving the quality of life when regular activity is completed.

Physical activity should be scheduled into day to day routine, no matter what level of intensity this is done at, everyone is different but if everyone maintains their physical health, that’s all that matters. By completing physical activity this can help with mental fitness by blood carrying more oxygen around the body and once the brain is hit with this oxygen rich blood, it drives the brain’s reward system releasing ‘serotonin’; the happy hormone. Linking to the happy hormone, physical activity is a natural mood lifter that can relieve and free your mind from negative emotions, such as anxiety, stress, depression and many more.

Some ideas on how to strengthen your physical health:

As we just mentioned, physical activity is a clear way of gaining physical health. Some examples include walking, cycling, running, circuits, home workouts or even joining a gym but this is not necessary. However, there are a few other things you can do to improve this physical activity or encourage the efforts that you put into it such as the water and food you consume. You can help your body to function more efficiently by drinking more water than sugary drinks, as you are helping the body to stay hydrated with the purest form of hydration. Having a healthy balanced diet daily means your body is being provided with the natural vitamins and minerals that your body needs.


Here are two clichés that support a healthy balanced diet is important:

  • “You are what you eat”
  • “Input determines output”


How can EDGE help you?

  • EDGE Health and wellbeing workshops
  • Online fitness sessions


A quick summary of EDGE’s Definitions:

Mental Fitness is the ability to have clarity of thought at any preserved moment and make clear decisions and actions when needed.

Emotional resilience is being able to separate emotion in critical moments and be able to manage disappoints quickly & effectively.

Physical Health is preventing illness and disease through hydration, nutrition, exercise and sleep.


Author: EDGE Team – Dave Pickles & Fay Burrows


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